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The best Art Deco Weekend accessory ever

Yes, I totally hauled my sewing machine all the way to Napier for Art Deco Weekend.  That’s me, sitting on the floor of the dorm room between two bunks, with the sewing machine on a little table 18″ off the ground, the iron cord curling around me, just finishing up the ‘Little Bit of Red’ dress.  On Saturday night.  And I wore the dress on Sunday.

Yeah…  that’s how I got everything done!

Check out my twist-curled hair.

Fun as it was, I’m never doing that again!


  1. Heh, that looks familiar to me! At home I don’t even have a table for my sewing machine, so it sits on the floor and I sit cross-legged, running the peddle with my knee. XD Yeah, it really kills after a while.

  2. It’s not a proper costume event unless there’s sewing to do last minute 😉
    Cute pics!

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