Dress, Mon. Vignon, French, 1878, Met

Dinner dress, Mon. Vignon, French, 1878, silk and cotton, Metropolitan Museum of Art


  1. Laura says

    I sometimes get confused about the classifications people put onto gowns. This seems to be so clearly day dress and not dinner dress, but what do I know?

    HOLY CRUD, THOSE PLEATS! I want to roll around in them and die. They are outstandintly beautiful.

    I was one of the high-scorers for last weeks, and I don’t like this garland nearly as much. I don’t really care for the colors or the flatness, although I think the garland placement is far less controversial. I also am not so into the bodice shape, even though in general the late 1870s are my favorite for bodice tailoring. How much I adore the pleating on the skirt will bring this up from a 5 to a 7/10 for me.

    • Laura, I’m copying and pasting your comment to the post page, because if it’s attached to the image I won’t see it and count it for the final tally.

  2. This dress has been in my folder of “when my sewing and finances improve I will make this” for awhile. I love all about it. The color is perfect for a middle aged woman…dramatic without being undignified.

    My computer has never really made me confident about exact color. If the dress is black then I’d say dinner gown for a middle aged woman (I think there might be a bit more skin for a younger married woman). If it is a dark blue then possibly an afternoon gown. If it is black, the colors of the trim rule out afternoon dress for mourning. I can’t imagine a woman wearing black in the afternoon unless she was in mourning. I could be wrong on that though. I only Want to B Victorian…I’m really just a modern girl 😉


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