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My 1940s patterns: all the other goodies

I’ve shown you my 1940s daywear patterns, and my 1940s evening wear patterns, and my 1940s blouses & shorts & playsuits, now it’s time for everything else.

So what’s left?


Of course, you’ve already seen Advance 4916 and know it is quite a favourite of mine.

Advance 4916 – 1940s swing coat

Advance 4916 – 1940s swing coat

There are also hats.  How cute are the ones in Butterick 1690?  Best of all, I actually have hats my grandmother made from these as part of scout uniforms.  D’awwww.

Butterick 1690 – 1940s children’s hats

In the children’s clothes vein, I also have, Academy 3450, a pattern for (wait for it) child’s jodhpurs!  Squee!  So exciting!  Tiny they may be, but I am totally going to size these up and make this for myself.  I think it is wonderful that there was enough of a market for  jodhpurs in New Zealand for Academy to do their own jodhpur pattern.

Academy 3450 – children’s jodhpurs

Academy 3450 – children’s jodhpurs

From children to pre-children, I’m pretty sure  Butterick 4019 is 1940s (super broad square shoulders, mandarin collars and an oriental fastening are kind of a giveaway), but it’s definitely maternity wear.  Check out those button front pants.  I think it’s really sweet and wonderful that the women are shown in flat shoes instead of heels.  Someone thought about the illustration!

Butterick 4019 – maternity wear

This post is moving backwards.  Children’s wear, then maternity wear, and now sexy nighties in the form of Butterick 8099.  Oooh la la!

Butterick 8099 – 1940s negligee and nightgown

Aren’t they gorgeous?  Don’t you just want that negligee?

Butterick 8099 – 1940s negligee and nightgown

Not quite as alluring, but ever so sweet, is Simplicity 4756.  Aren’t the bed jackets and slippers every so darling?  Especially in those classic ’40s pastels.

Simplicity 4756 – 1940s bed jackets

And for bedwear you really were meant to wear in front of other people, I’m think Women’s Weekly pattern 88 is a housedress – the ’40s version of a tea gown.  Both lingerie and acceptable wear for informal dinners.  It would make a good maternity dress too – nice and expandable.

Women’s Weekly Pattern Service #88 – housedress

And last of all, not a pattern for a garment, but Butterick 8715 is still fascinating – it’s a pattern for different sleeve options.

Butterick 8715 – 1940s sleeves

It’s missing the pattern envelope, but the instructions (while torn) are still fascinating.  Note the way it comes with a pattern for shaping the armhole of whatever pattern you want to put these sleeves on.

Butterick 8715 – 1940s sleeves

You could easily update a 1930s dress to fit the current styles with 1940s sleeves.  It’s so clever and thrifty.

So, quite a mixed bag, but some fun stuff there!


  1. Lynne says

    That sleeve pattern would actually be very useful! What a great collection, Dreamstress! Love the hats, love the jodhpurs – there are probably patterns for women’s ones out there. Though maybe they were made by the tailor whereas people were more reluctant to pay so much for something the children would grow out of.

    And the negligee! Makes me feel all Joan Crawford. Well, maybe not…

  2. I love the sleeves pattern.That must be SO useful! Provided these fit, of course – but I bet it really is useful to have a variety of sleeves to fit onto any pattern!

  3. karenb says

    I agree about the sleeve pattern being useful. Would be interesting to try it out.

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