Giveaway time!

In celebration of over 700 followers on facebook*, it’s time for a giveaway!

So what’s up for grabs?  All the accessories you need to be the perfect little quirky-vintage hostess.


There is an adorable vintage apron with cute little front pockets:

Two sweet vintage handkerchiefs and a sparkly stick-pin brooch:

Want to see how sparkly the brooch is?  Soooo sparkly!

If things get too warm in the kitchen, every perfect vintage hostess needs a fan:

Not so hot on cooking?  I’ll send you either a bag of NZ licorice (soooo yummy!), or if you aren’t a licorice person, a block of Whittakers chocolate (I’ll even give you a choice of flavours).

And, of course you need a tablecloth to put your goodies on.  This one is rayon and has Australian Flowers, and is super sweet.

And finally, when you are all tired out from hosting people and looking beautiful, maybe you’d like to curl up with a good book.  Or at least one I can just about guarantee you’ve never read: the Belle of St Clemens is a collection of those hilarious early 20th-century girls at boarding school stories.  It’s not remotely literature, and totally not-PC by modern standards but it’s fun, and pretty.

The only thing you don’t get is Felicity.  She’s staying with me:

Right!  So to win all this deliciousness leave a comment telling me:

1) What the theme of the party you would hold to show off these things would be, and;

2) If you would like licorice or chocolate, and if you want chocolate, would you like milk, dark, mac-nut, fruit & nut, kiwifruit, or hokey-pokey.


For extra chances to win, blog, twitter, facebook or pinterest the giveaway, and come back and leave a link under your comment.  You’ll get one extra chance per source.

The giveaway closes a week from today –  next week Thursday at 12 noon NZ time (so that’s Wed in the rest of the world).  I’ll pick the winner via a random number generator.  Good luck!

*And when I get to 800 followers on Facebook I’ll do a sewing giveaway, with vintage patterns and fabric and notions 🙂


  1. Ooooh, I would love to be entered! 😀 Such a delightful giveaway!

    Let’s see….

    1) I would probably host a Victorian Tea Party not long after I move, as a sort of way to get to meet neighbors and make new friends in my new location. 🙂

    2) Chocolate! Is there any competition?! Dark chocolate… perhaps with some nuts…. but preferrably mint filling…. or Saskatoon Berry filling! *yum*

  2. The only thing you don’t get is Felicity. She’s staying with me:

    Oh, darn! She’s the most desirable item shown! 😉

    The second most desirable item is the chocolate, though I wonder how well it would hold up, traveling from NZ to the Eastern USA! My preference is for plain dark chocolate.

    When I look at the items you’ve shown (including Felicity, by the way; she fits in well!), the themes I think of are springtime and girly pleasures (flowers, sweets, reading a light novel). Maybe you could call it “Pink and Pretty–A Springtime Afternoon.” (Or not.)

    • Demented Seamstress says

      Be glad that you don’t get Felicity, she would not do well at all getting shipped halfway around the world.
      I also prefer plain dark chocolate.

      The apron is cute but I can’t see myself wearing it, and if I did I would feel obliged to sew a cute little dress to go with it.
      Oh dear, I hope someone else wins. Someone who doesn’t mind wearing cute things.

      All the flowers would definitely require a springtime sort of theme, probably an outdoor picnic with a theme of “tea, cakes and flowers”.
      What’s the fan made of? Wood? It looks really cool.

  3. Oh dark chocolate for me please! All those bright colors make me think of summer. So a “celebrate summer” vintage tea party perhaps? This is a fantastic giveaway.

  4. I love all of these items! How fun, I imagine some type of tea party, I have a ton of tea cups and saucers that would work with this and I would totally wear the apron! I am also a fan of milk chocolate.

  5. This would be cute for a “Ladies Day Out” picnic tea. Lovely- reading under the shade of a maple tree while my handsome butler serves tea and chocolate to a friend and me and waves away flies with the fan…. ah, bliss.
    Dark or fruit-and-nut chocolate for me, please, your choice.

  6. I LOVE these items! They’re so adorable. I’m also a huge fan of dark chocolate; I love waking up in the morning and having a square with my tea or coffee. Maybe not totally healthy, but motivates me to get out of bed. And dark chocolate has health benefits, right…? So I would take that or the hokey-pokey kind (because I have no idea what that even is and would like to branch out!).

    I would use these items to host a tea for the girls on my dorm floor. (I’m a resident assistant.) I would call it “The Taste of Fancy” tea because, well, pretty much nothing in a dorm is fancy….. and we all need a fancy fix every once in a while, something to dress up for and enjoy!

    • Elise says

      That’s so sweet of you!

      I’m not playing for keeps, but I want to join in: I’d have an 80s “What’s your season?” Party. I hate the 80s, of course, but all the colors make me want to hold them up to people’s faces and exclaim “Oh my, you are a Spring!”

  7. Christina says

    Oh aren’t they all lovely!

    At the moment I’m trying to put together a costume party for a charity fundraiser – the theme is “What You Were Wearing When The Colonel Walked In” (A bit like a variation on the Shipwreck party theme) – I think I might get a few more people turning up if I told them an apron, two handkerchiefs and a fan were my entire costume!

    (Also; oooh, macadamia nut chocolate! How delightfully decadent!)

  8. Lynne says

    It all looks just so beautiful, but I am trying to downsize! So my very best wishes to someone else to win this lovely lot.

    I don’t know what is prettiest – apart from Felicity who is a shoo-in. The fan is a darling – so delicately carved.

    • Elise says

      My thoughts, too. I don’t have room or a reason, but I wanted to cheer on all the contestants!

  9. I would have a book club party where we would discuss the literary merits of The Belle of St Clemens over tea and cakes!

    Dark chocolate. Every time.

  10. Oh, lovely, lovely things, wants it my precious, lol!

    1. A 1950s bake off afternoon tea with my friends in the Beautiful Blue Mountains just outside of Sydney in Oz.

    2. Always dark chocolate but with an orange zest added please 🙂

    The fan would also go to my next Regency event to keep me cool and collected in the summer heat.

    • I’ve shared this on The Tailor’s Apprentice on FB, on my personal FB page and on Stitch Up History on Twitter 🙂

  11. A 1940s high tea in my Blue Mountains (Australia) cottage. As Summer is coming, the fan would be most necessary to keep the hostess cool, calm and collected!

    Milk chocolate please – something to offset the deliciousness of reading the Belle of St Clemens. x

  12. Victorian tea party for sure and there would be lots of pink flowers. We’d have tea, Mac Nut chocolate and we’d read a politically incorrect story (from the “future”) and giggle behind our fans.

  13. Oooh! a pink punk party! – no this is not a serious entry, but I do love RJ’s licorice – it is so good, big bags of the stuff disappear around me.

  14. I see I’m not the only one who is thinking ‘tea party’. Honestly, I’ll use any excuse to have afternoon tea, but these accessories would make a lovely addition to a plateful of scones and a large pot of tea. And chocolate would also go well here.

    I just found this blog over the weekend and it’s providing lots of inspiration as I develop my sewing skills. Thanks!

  15. Kylie says

    So. Many. Options. So little ability to choose between them…
    Think I’d go with a Stepford wives afternoon tea, just because I love the idea of a bunch of women sitting around in crinolines eating dainties, while the hostess buzzes around protected by the apron. Plus, a nice serve of chocolate – hokey pokey, of course – would help the clean up that much more!

  16. Oh, what fun! I’d host a floral tea party (just to tie in with the trend of the goodies in the giveaway), and make lots of floral-themed treats like lavender shortcake and rose-petal sandwiches. And encourage everyone to wear florals for it, of course!

  17. Miss Joie de Vivre says

    Hmm, given the floral saturation, it’d have to be The League of Impossible Botanists, so everyone could sit around and discuss their last adventure travelling through Madagascar or The Mountains in the Mist or the Arctic to discover and sketch the world’s largest orchids or the singing lily that only flowers every 43 years or that mysterious plant whose flowers look exactly like a teapot. Also, hokey pokey.

  18. For a party theme–a floral themed party! Chintz and ridiculous floral prints everywhere, and all guests would have to wear some sort of florals (for myself: my floral blazer!). And milk chocolate, not very adventurous here :3

  19. Caroline says

    A vintage book talk where everyone could bring a different book and dress up from that era! Of course cream tea would be included! (-:

    milk chocolate or milk chocolate with fruit and nuts would be absolutely divine!!

  20. I think it would be fun to have a “Spring in Winter” themed tea – the gloomy season is coming soon here (and in Tennessee we don’t even get a proper winter, just generally miserable weather.) All these sweet flowery things would be perfect to cheer us all up! And I’d encourage all the guests to dress vintage-inspired and spring-y 🙂

    I would definitely go for the licorice – I love it and never can find good stuff around here! (And also then no one would try to steal it from me, because no one else in the house likes licorice.)

    Felicity is gorgeous as usual but it’s just as well she doesn’t come with the package because my Conrad would have a fit!

  21. I’d have an afternoon tea for my knitting friends. As far as chocolate is concerned I love hokey pokey.

  22. Tamsyn says

    Probably something 50s themed, I can see that apron looking great over a full skirted dress!
    Hokey pokey chocolate, I love Whittakers so much!

  23. Sarah says

    A giveaway with all the things I love!
    1. I would have a sewing party. It’s been far too long since I last hosted one, and they’re just the sort of crowd to appreciate such things.
    2. Definitely would need the chocolate, preferably with nuts. With a 4 year old, 1 year old, and 1 month old, I need always a little chocolate destressing, lol.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win 😉

  24. Ooohhh! I would definitely host a summer garden party, with japanese lanterns, flowers, etc.
    And I would love dark chocolate.

    Lovely giveaway!

    The Middle Sister and Singer

  25. Everything looks so pretty! 1) I would host a vintage style tea, only with cocoa and cider for the nice cool fall weather here in New England! 2) Chocolate, definitely chocolate…either kiwifruit (sounds yummy) or hokey-pokey (I don’t know what it is, but it sounds fun!)

  26. I love licorice, but all those chocolate tastes sound so tempting… Kiwi fruit chocolate? I want kiwi fruit chocolate! I can buy licorice in Europe, I can’t buy kiwi fruit chocolate here… or at least hardly so easily!

    And the theme of the party? Hm… I’m not good at throwing parties. But I will learn eventually! So, perhaps, “Bring your favourite tea, I’ll supply the cake.” 😀

  27. I host tea parties for my nieces all the time. They love having tea parties because it makes them feel so grown up and special. These things would be great for when it gets cold and wintery here and we start missing summer.

    And we would prefer the milk chocolate as little girls can prove to be picky eaters.

  28. In mid-November is 21st birthday-and I actually have my homemade invitations all made and sent out. It is a VINTAGE TEA! I have made paper lanterns out of scrap-book paper, and banners from old print book pages. Every is dressing up vintage, and that apron would be perfect to wear as the hostess.

    Thanks, Good luck everyone

  29. Claire Payne says

    I would have a ‘crafternoon tea’ for my knitting group so we can take tea and knit/crochet/cross stitch at the same time. Being the hostess with the mostess, I would dress for the occasion in my 1950’s dress so the apron would be a must to keep the dress clean.

    Milk chocolate for me please.

    Devastated that we don’t get to win Felicity.

  30. I’d host a champagne breakfast.

    The brooch reminds me of fireworks, so perhaps this is a New Year’s Day breakfast 🙂 A tablecloth like that needs scones and home made jam, with some good quality tea, champagne and orange juice.

    When all my guests had gone, and my perfect toddler has gone for a nap (perhaps along with her perfect father) I would retire to the hammock with some milk chocolate and read the Belle of St Clemens (and perhaps drink more champagne) for the afternoon. Being New Year’s Day it’ll be very hot so I’ll need my fan.

    What an awesome prize! Good luck to all 😀

  31. I’d have a 1910’s suffragette tea party with china that my grand-mother has painted. I guess the apron is a bit newer style, but hey, that’s best with living now and not then, that you can take best parts of every era and mix them together 🙂
    I’d choose the licorice.

  32. Leslie says

    I’d love to have a 1950’s themed tea like I did for my 18th birthday. I prefer dark chocolate.

  33. Rebecca West says

    1) I’d host the lovely dinner-party of the kind described in the 1930’s editions of Emily Post’s Etiquette. I’d use the menu suggested by the most used pages in my gandmother’s cookbook, most especially the desserts!

    2) I’d prefer chocolate, and “hokey pokey” sounds interesting!

  34. Natalie says

    I would hold a prohibition tea with spiked drinks, HA!

    I love dark chocolate.

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