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Sunday glamour

Remember the assuit tunic that Elise gave me?  Shortly after I posted about it I found this amazing image of Clara Bow in a very glamourous assuit dress.  From the rest of her attire, she may have been going to a fancy dress party.

Clara Bow in an assuit dress

Isn’t it fabulous?  (and scandalous!  Is it just me or does the lining not start until halfway down her hips?)

Speaking of assuit, am I the only one who wondered if there was any chance that the sleeves of  Halle Berry’s Oscars dress were assuit?  I haven’t been able to find a close-up enough image to tell.  It would definitely improve my rating if it was!


  1. I don’t think so, I think her dress is the same gittery striped sheer black stuff all over but underlined on the body. Halle that is – clerly there isn’t a lot of underlining in Miss Clara’s frock above! Ooh lala!

  2. Elise says

    I love it! I cannot think of a more creative time in the world than the 1920s and early 30s. New technology, new morals, new clothes…Stupid Nazis for ruining all of that (and a lot more, too)

  3. This is too funny: I just watched Roman Holiday and one of the extras is a retrospective on Edith Head. The first big star she dressed was Clara Bow, because Bow had terrible taste and the studio’s head designer couldn’t stand working with her any longer! After seeing your post I’m not terribly surprised.

  4. Wanda/Dawn says

    And is there a little tear between her butt and the tie (which looks like and add on to keep it from falling off).

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