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‘Turn, and turn again’ skirt

Remember my Turn skirt and how excited I was about the fabric and how I made it go around and around and around?  I may have even mentioned that I had enough fabric left for a pencil skirt.  Well, I did, and here is the pencil skirt, and my stripe matching is even awesomer than it was with the Turn skirt.


Check out this:

'Turn Again' skirt thedreamstress.com

OK, so that’s the front of the skirt, and it’s not that exciting.  What about when you see the side?

'Turn Again' skirt thedreamstress.com

OK, that’s pretty cool!  Now we’re getting somewhere!

What about the other side?

'Turn Again' skirt thedreamstress.com

Ahhhhhhh!  So cool!  It goes up on one side and down on the other!

I love it.  It makes me so happy!  Every time I see it I do a little dance inside!

And wait until you see the back:

'Turn Again' skirt thedreamstress.com

Nice stripe matching along the back seam and zip, but not that exciting.

Wait until you see the back pleat!

Here is what it looks like closed:

'Turn Again' skirt thedreamstress.com

One side:

'Turn Again' skirt thedreamstress.com

And then the other side:

'Turn Again' skirt thedreamstress.com

Oh yeah!

The insides are rather pretty too, with bias finished invisible hems:

'Turn Again' skirt thedreamstress.com

And a waistband:

'Turn Again' skirt thedreamstress.com

All in all, I am rather pleased.  It may not be the versatile, classic pencil skirt in black, fawn or grey, but it is fabulous, it fits me perfectly, and it makes me crazily happy.


  1. lovely! I love stripes on diagonal or zig zag fabric. Always ends up really cool and making them into pencil skirts always puts the spotlight on the fabric (I too have a not so versatile, classic pencil skirt out of red zig zag just because)

  2. Fellow sewists can fully appreciate the satisfaction of stripe matching and a project turned out just like you wanted. Well done! I’d totally wear this all the time. Lovely job!!

    • Elise says

      Beautimous! Like how turn-signals in cards in front of you match in beat while waiting for a light…so satisfying!

  3. Lynne says

    You clever, clever woman! That is awesomely good use of stripes!

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