A lapful of happiness

I am the biggest pushover in the world when it comes to Felicity.  When she climbs on to my lap, she gets to stay on my lap, while I find things I need to do on the computer, and carefully reach my toes and use anything I can reach to pull anything else I can not-quite-reach into reach so that I can sew and do work, and leave her to sleep, undisturbed, on my lap.

Really though, when the view looking down looks like this, how could you not?

Felicity on my lap

(photo courtesy of my french curve, which was sitting just within arms reach, allowing me to use it to move a tea-cup, so that I could hook the curved end of the french curve in my camera loop and drag the camera across the tea-chest (we don’t have a coffee table, we have a tea chest, because we drink tea, not coffee, and it’s a chest, not a table) to within arms reach, so I could take this series of pictures).

Felicity on my lap

Having hand-sewing to hand is the best, because that means I can get work done and spoil kitten.  I had a bit of hand-sewing around last night when I took these pictures, so you get a sneak-peek at my next project (I’ll tell you all about it in my next blog post).

Felicity on my lap

Felicity on my lap

Tonight though, I have no hand-sewing available, and Felicity has decided that my lap is once again the place to be, so instead you guys get a blog post featuring fuzzy little jelly-paws and plumy swish of tail and plush-kissable kitty tummy.

Felicity on my lap


Who’s lucky now?

Felicity on my lap


  1. Stefanie says

    I know the feeling… Our cat knows I can’t resist when he’s asking for attention and hugs. But they’re the best. 🙂

  2. Lynne says

    And I love the long bits of fur between the toes. She is such a darling. Mine is curled up by my hip at the moment, under the rug – ready for a good night’s sleep. We are all lucky!

  3. One of the things I really adore about my current kitty is her happiness to be picked up while asleep, transferred elsewhere, and not mind. Every other cat will get peeved, even if the new spot is better!

    Sometimes I can even carry her around while I make a cup of tea and then sit back down and she’ll sprawl in the same spot, just as relaxed.

  4. Cats are so funny! I just laugh when I see other people posting about sewing and their cats. Any fabric I have is like a magnet for her! Into my lap or on my fabric is her favorite place to be. She’s my little orange pattern weight. Keep posting, love to read your blog!

  5. I probably couldn’t move a sleeping cat off my lap either, though it has been years since we had a cat, so I don’t really remember. Felicity is adorable.
    A swivel chair with wheels would be a great advantage in these situations.

  6. Claire Payne says

    Oh how I love that plush-kissable kitty tummy. I know how it is to be a pushover with a kitty on my lap. Who needs to sew really?

  7. Pictures like this really make me wish Walnut were a lap-cat! I love looking at Felicity’s little pink toe-beans and their white toe-hawks…so different from Walnut’s black/brown ones!

  8. Cat says

    I have found an equitable solution for when I need to get work done, but my cat is an incorrigible snugglebutt because it’s cold out…
    I put on the little portable heater and put a cushion right in front of it. My cat loves it as much as my lap, and I get to do stuff. Anytime I feel like cuddles, I just turn off the heater. 😛

  9. This post made me smile and smile. Thanks for sharing Felicity’s pictures and a description of happy working conditions I can really relate to. 🙂

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