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What a girl should wear, ca. 1907

I’ve been digging around in my stash of pages  from the Girl’s  Own Magazine, and came across these glorious evening gowns:



Aren’t the butterfly gathers across  the bust of dark one just delicious?  And the decorative band on the light one, ducking in and out behind the bodice and sleeves?  And those droop puffed sleeves!  Fabulous!

I’m not sure about the merits of having a big circle on your chest though!

And just so you can read the fabulously hilarious write-up (“nothing flops this years but our sleeves”), here is the whole page in large size.

Evening gowns featured in the Girls Own Magazine thedreamstress.com


I’m 90% sure this is from sometime between Aug-December 1907.  Unfortunately my Girl’s Own Magazine pages from 1905-7 are an incomplete set of loose pages.  I’ve put them in the best order I can, but some I just have to guess at.



  1. Lyndle says

    Love this. Do share more when you have them. Interesting how seemingly often green appeared to be in fashion, and how little it seems to turn up now, or is that just my imagination?

  2. This is great! Thanks for sharing. Does anyone know what “both long and short gowns” means in this context? I mean, they were all floor-length, weren’t they? Long = trained?

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