I’ve been published in Threads!

Almost 20 years ago, just after I learned to sew, I discovered Threads Magazine.

The local library had a subscription, and while you weren’t allowed to check them out, I was hooked.  The articles on fabrics, garment construction, and sewing techniques were amazing.  Whenever I was in town and had a little time, I would sit in the corner of the Kaunakakai Public Library, perusing the back issues and absorbing information.

Thanks to Threads, I learned the basics of pattern drafting, how to set sleeves perfectly, how to take a pattern from an existing garment, and masses of beautiful sewing techniques and finishes.  By the time I went to university, I was good enough to be hired by a costume shop (where, admittedly, I learned a HUGE amount more, because there is no substitute for hands-on learning from experts).

When I went to buy a comprehensive modern sewing book a few years back, I instantly picked up the Threads Sewing Guide.  Then I questioned myself: am I just being a fangirl?  I spread out every sewing book available in Borders on the floor, and went through the different techniques and topics: zips, welt pockets and buttonholes, fabric types, twin needles…

The Threads Sewing Guide won hands down for most comprehensive, with the best tutorials, layouts, and photos.

It has pride of place on my sewing bookshelf as the only modern general sewing guide I own, and is my instant first point of call for any modern technique.  Online sewing blogger tutorials are all very well, but I know Threads has tested and tested anything they put out (and, to be quite frank, I recognise a fair amount of sewing blogger tutorials out there as re-hashes of Threads articles).  If it isn’t in the book, I try Threads online.

Then, nine months ago I got an email from an editor at Threads.  Would I like to write an article for them on my take on the Vionnet chiton dress?  Would I!

My version of Vionnet's 'Chiton' dress thedreamstress.com

Definite massive fangirl moment!

So, this quarter you can  buy issue #177 of Threads and learn how to make a 1920s panel dress inspired by Madeline Vionnet, written by yours truly!  (with tons of editing and beautiful sewing and layout fabulousity by Threads of course!)

Threads magazine article thedreamstress.com

I may not have accomplished everything I wanted to this year, but boy is this making me feel accomplished!  It’s one of those things that it didn’t even occur to me to aspire to.

Time to break out the champagne cherries!


  1. Marilyn J. Hollman says

    I know what it feels like to be published in publication you admire – even revere. It is wonderful you could do this — but you have already done so much and contributed to the garment/fashion/craft/fabric/etc communities – and so, they asked you.
    This violet is very lovely. It must feel terrific to wear it. Vionnet was a wonderful designer.

  2. Lynne says

    I rejoice for you! My friend Pamela used to share her Threads magazines with me.

  3. Lyndlenz says

    Congratulations! It was great to open my copy yesterday and see your smiling face. It is really a testament to your skills and knowledge. I enjoyed the article very much (fab dress, btw) and hope they commission more from you. Happy New Year!

  4. This is very exciting! I was published twice in Apron*ology and it was amazing to see my name in print. Congratulations!! Very exciting.

  5. Woo-hoo! And I was excited to see a couple of my tips in Threads over the years….congratulations! I bet we see your byline more than once!

  6. Congratulations! 1920s themed events are strangely common in my life – enough so that I could see myself getting a fair amount of wear out of a glamorous evening version of the dress.

  7. Congrats! Definitely an achievement – all the more so when it’s a publication you think highly of and not just “any old.”

  8. Excellent.

    I originally lost interest in Threads when they stopped running articles on historical clothing as a regular thing, but I’ll gladly buy issue no. 177 to read your article. Congratulations!

  9. I’ll look for it as soon as I can get to a store. I’d love to make my own dress like that!

  10. I’ll look for it as soon as I can get to a store. I’d love to make my own dress like that! Congratulations 😀

  11. Stephani says

    Congratulations, Leimomi! The article looks beautiful, and I can’t wait to make my own version of the dress. I’m sure you could write lots of great articles for Threads!

  12. Wow congrats! That’s so exciting, and definitely something to be proud of!

  13. Claire Payne says

    I look forward to getting my copy. I will certainly have a go at this frock. I love Vionnet. 🙂 Congratulations once again. Let us hope you become a regular contributor to the magazine. (I’ll be sure to send them fan mail to say how much I enjoyed your article).

  14. Lylassandra says

    OMG! I pick up Threads every month, I can’t wait to see your article!

  15. Congratulations! My local newsagents sells Threads, albeit with a delay of a few weeks – I shall keep a lookout for this.

  16. Elise says

    So great! Wow! Congratulations! It’s been a real treat following this blog for a few years (Has it been? Yes, yes it has), and watching your innate kindness, dexterity, and artistry blossom and for your business to succeed. A very well-deserved accomplishment! Yay!

  17. Wonderful news – congratulations!! Truly a well-deserved recognition. I was over-the-moon when I was published in my favorite knitting magazine…hope you’re enjoying the tingle. Here’s wishing you a long and happy relationship with Threads. 🙂

  18. Ack! Sorry about the double post. I don’t know how it did that. And now I’m adding to the confusion by posting again. I just wanted to let you know that I bought this issue of Threads and I love it! Your dress looks like something I can make and my husband actually wants me to make it! I want to make a little one for my toddler too 🙂 I really think that with your instructions I will be able to do both if I can ever get my sewing/craft stuff sorted enough to sew again. I really love the way it is put together.

  19. Very cool! Congratulations! How lovely to achieve something you hadn’t even thought of being a possibility before. 🙂

    I’m sure 2015 has great things in store as well!

  20. Very cool! I just picked a copy up. Your article is spectacular, it’s lovely.

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