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Lingerie Touches for Frocks, 1932

I’m  got a bunch of blog posts half written at the moment, but they are all long and elaborate, and I just don’t have the time to finish them today.

So instead, a quick, sweet and simple blog post, featuring a page from the March  1932 Fashion Services Magazine, with frocks that show ‘Lingerie Touches for Chic’

1932 Fashion Service Mag thdreamstress.com1


In addition to the lingerie touches (by which they mean handiwork and lace edging), there is lots of exoticism – Persian prints, and ‘scarab’ crepes (which sound like the pure silk variation of roshanara).

Plus, Irish crochet is a la mode and skirt lengths are shorter – a whole 11 to 13 inches off the floor (and that’s in shoes!) .


1932 Fashion Service Mag thdreamstress.com2


  1. Sigh, these are lovely! I just love all the handwork details they used to put in dresses back in the day…

  2. Barbara Stevens says

    I love the way they all have legs about 6 feet long – anything would look good on that shape! Some great ideas for giving a bit of zing to ready mades, if you are handy with a needle. These ideas can be readily adapted to modern clothes, and would give a real point of difference. I regularly adapt and alter bought clothes just to make them ‘mine’, and often to correct fit.

  3. Beautiful. How I wish that skirt lengths were longer still. Well, I guess that’s partly why I can sew.

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