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The HSF/M ’15: Favourites for Challenge #2: Blue

Whew!  Almost caught up!  Here are five of my favourite entries among the myriad of gorgeous items created  for the HSF Blue challenge.

What a fun post to pick favourites for – so many shades of lovely blues!  I think it was even harder than usual  to pick favourites (and it’s always, really, really hard!) — there are so many amazing things that have been produced, and such a range of periods, experience levels, and personal taste.

I’ve chosen the items I thought best represent the spirit of the challenge and the Historical Sew Fortnightly; the quest to explore history, raise our skill levels and standard, stretch ourselves (or sometimes just get something done, rather than just procrastinating).

Inevitably there are some projects that I adored that I just haven’t been able to post about, so go see them find your own favourites  through the challenge page, and in the FB album  (yep, you do have to be a member to see it, yep, if you ask to be a member we’re going to ask you some questions, and yep, it might take us a few days to answer, but if you are really interested in the HSF, as a participant or active cheerleader, we’d LOVE to have you)

And now, to the wonderfulness:

  1. Tessa at Miss Hendri’s WWI VAD uniform.  Tessa gets massive bonus points for making something that was specifically blue in-period, giving the blue hue further significance for her project.  Plus,  impressively researched, well made, and fascinating.  How could I not love it!
  2. Anna’s blue wool liripipe hood (for her husband).  It’s iconically blue, perfectly period, and beautifully made.  What’s not to like!
  3. The Modern Mantua Makers 1818-1823 Spencer.  The kind of garment that makes us all drool with delight, and weak with envy.  Stunning, and exquisitely made.
  4. Dawn’s silk dress based on an August 1815 fashion plate.  A lovely  recreation of a less seen style.  Plus, check out that bonnet!  Oh my!2 Dawn's dress based on an August 1815 fashion plate, HSF 15 Challenge #2
  5. Just Sewingly’s blue embroidered 18th c pocket:  Her method of replicating the pattern from the V&A pocket is brilliant, and the result is charming.

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  1. Yes! The liripipe hood! The stunning spencer! The pocket!
    It’s hard to pick favourites. I also loved Marna’s baseball cap, because it’s not something you would normally think of recreating, and she had some great research/observations.
    Due to being busy elsewhere, I’m redirecting my blue to stashbusting, because it works for that as well. Now to finally find time and place for photos…

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