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Spring Styles for Blouses & Skirts, Feb 1928

Spring is almost over here in the Southern Hemisphere, and winter is well on the way for you in the Northern Hemisphere, but I’m still in love with these spring styles from the February 1928 issue of The Women’s Magazine.

The Women's Magazine, Feb 1928 thedreamstress.com

This is really the moment when vintage fashions become totally wearable in a modern sense.  You could wear any one of these skirts or blouses to the office in NZ today, and no one would blink an eye.  I’m particularly loving 5007, and 9898, because I have a little obsession with 1910s and 20s waistcoat-blouses.

Also of interest is the fabrics they recommend.  Both ‘Rigosil’ and ‘Delysia’ were early rayon fabrics.


  1. Julia Ergane says

    I like 5008; however, I think that I would like the sleeves slightly fuller. Anyway, these are very attractive.

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