From Ruffles to Rebellion: a Katherine Mansfield fashion show

This is shaping up to be a wonderful year of events and speaking opportunities for me. First there was the Katherine Mansfield Garden Party in Hamilton, and in July I’ll be in California for Costume College, but in between I’m extremely excited about an upcoming talk and fashion show in collaboration with the Katherine Mansfield Museum here in Wellington:

From Ruffles to Rebellion: a heritage fashion show

Sunday 10 April
Old St Paul’s
Tickets $15

I’ll be exploring Mansfield’s life through her clothes, bringing to life the characters in her stories, from Laura in her lace frock and ‘Spanish’ hat in The Garden Party, to the Modern Soul in her stays (which she oughtn’t to wear), Rosabel’s fashionable fantasty outfit of The Tiredness of Rosabel, a swimsuit for By the Bay, and Mrs Norman Knight of Bliss in her infamous banana peel dress.

Plus more!

It’s going to be fabulously fun and delicious, and I do hope you’ll come! ¬†Follow the link above for tickets!

Courtesy of Tony McKay Photography and Glory Days Magazine

Courtesy of Tony McKay Photography and Glory Days Magazine

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  1. Lori Watk says

    I have a question… more a note of “OH NO!” I am quite sure that there is great care taken of all the gowns but curiosity has me wondering. Has anyone spilled tea on any of the lovely dresses? Gosh I hope you say NO. For the most part I know they take great care not to get anything on any of the gowns but accidents do happen.

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