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A photoshoot in the 1911-12 Little Miss Muffet at the Village Fête frock

1911-12 Miss Muffet dress

Some time ago  Regional News Wellington contacted me to see if I wanted to be interviewed (of course I did! – read the resulting interview on page 9).

Naturally, they asked if I had any pictures of myself in historical dress to include with the article, and, as it turned out, none of the stuff I had was suitable, so they offered to have their photographer take pictures.  Oooh, fun!

For my outfit, I chose the 1911-12 ‘Little Miss Muffet at the Village Fête’ frock, because I’d never had the chance to wear it, whatever I chose needed to be something I could put on without any assistance and drive from my house to the studio in, and (for a reason I can’t remember) I thought I was being photographed against a dark ground – so light colours seemed a good idea.

As it turned out, the studio backdrop was white.  If I could choose again I’d probably have gone with something dark, like the 1813 Kashmiri dress, or my 1914-16 Cobwebs gown.

Still, I’m tickled pink with the resulting photographs.  The photographer was a delight to work with: really good at putting me at my ease, and working with me to find poses that worked with the lighting, the dress, and combined what I was comfortable with, and what they were aiming for.

I now have 20ish gorgeous photos of me in the dress.  Here are some of my favourites:

1911-12 Miss Muffet dress

1911-12 Miss Muffet dress

1911-12 Miss Muffet dress

1911-12 Miss Muffet dress

If you’re  going to Costume College this year you’ll [almost certainly] be able to see an updated version of it in person at the Pool Party (probably – I reserve the right to make last minute costume decision changes!)


  1. These are great photos (white background not withstanding)! I recently had a photographer take photos of my husband and myself (and our cat) for non-costume-related reasons, and it’s impressive how much that kind of expertise adds to the finished product.

  2. Kelley Gason says

    I’m happy for you that you finally got to wear this dress. You look lovely in it and worked so hard to make it beautiful. Congratulations or your interview!

  3. Lynne says

    These are really lovely photos! All praise to the photographer. You and the dress and hat look as perfect as you should.

  4. I love the way the dress goes from light to dark! Very stylish! Photographer did a great job making the light on light work!

  5. Oh wow, I love that close up one! These came out great

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