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Scroop Patterns – Mother’s Day Sale!

I usually do an anniversary sale the first week of April, to celebrate another year of Scroop Patterns, and Felicity’s birthday. This year I was away for work that week, and couldn’t run the sale.

I’ve been planning to find a reason to run a sale, and I just realised the best reason of all: Mother’s Day.

My mother is pretty much my favourite person in the world! She definitely deserves a celebration! And my mother-in-law is equally deserving and wonderful.

So, this is in celebration of my mother. It’s in celebration of all the women who have helped to nurture and support me: mothers, friends, aunts, grandmothers, and just generally lovely human beings. It’s in celebration of all the women out there who nurture and support.

Get 20% off all digital patterns at from midnight 11 May to midnight 18 May

(NZ time — so that’s now to the 17th of May for most of the rest of the world).

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Scroop Patterns Mothers Day sale