Scroop Patterns

Scroop Patterns + Virgil’s Fine Goods Call for Testers

Amber and I want to make sure that our first pattern is as fabulous as possible, so we need testers to help us with that!

We’ve already asked a number of testers with specialised skills, so we’re only looking for a few extra testers, but if you’d like to be one of them, keep reading to learn more, and how to apply…

The Pattern:

1780s stays which can be made using fully historically accurate techniques, or simpler theatrical techniques. They feature synthetic whalebone (German Plastic) boning, back lacing, and adjustable half-front lacing or a smooth front.


This is an advanced pattern, and we’re looking for testers with prior historical sewing and corsetmaking experience.

To be a tester you will also need to:

  • be able to print patterns in A4, A0, US Letter or US full sized Copyshop paper sizes
  • have the time to sew up the item if you agree to be a tester for it – you’ll have one month to completely finish it.
  •  be able to photograph your make being worn, and be willing for us to share your photos on this blog and instagram.
  • be able to provide clear feedback
  • be willing to agree to a confidentially agreement regarding the pattern
  • have a blog or other format where you share and analyse your sewing

We would hugely appreciate it if testers would share their finished make once the pattern launches, but this is not mandatory.  We’re asking for TESTERS, not marketers.  The requirement of a blog/other review format is to help me pick testers.   I want to be able to see how you think about sewing, and that your experience level matches up to the pattern.

As always we’re looking for a range of testers, in terms of geographical location, body type, sewing experience, and personal style.

The Timeline:


If you’re selected to test we’ll let you know and send you the materials requirements, line drawings, and the full pattern description by  12 noon NZ time on Wednesday the 5th of June  (Thur the 6th for most of the rest of the world).


We will send out a digital copy of the pattern to testers before 2pm NZ time on Wed the 12th of June.

Testing & Reviewing:

As this is a pretty time intensive pattern, testing will go for a month, with a check in halfway through.

Testers will have until 2pm NZ time on Wed the 26th of June to do a mock up of the stays, or get them to try-on stage, and respond to the initial set of testing questions.

We’ll need testers to be finished with their stays by Wed the 10th of July.

What you get:

Pattern testers will get a digital copy of the final pattern, lots of thanks, and features on my blog and our IGs.

Keen to be a tester for the stays pattern? please email me with the following:

  1. Your name
  2. Your bust, waist & hip measures
  3. Your height
  4. A bit about how squishy vs muscular/not your waist is, or how much reduction you generally aim for in a corset.
  5. A bit about your sewing experience — particularly for corsets and historical garments.
  6. A link to your blog/Instagram/Flickr/Sewing Pattern Review profile/something else sewing-y presence
  7. A link to a historical or corset/stays sewing make with a review (so we can see how you think about and analyse your sewing)
  8. Where you are located (country is fine, country/ state or region for larger countries is preferred)  
  9. Do you have any other skills that would really make you an extra-super-awesome pattern tester?  (i.e. experience copy-editing)

Email me to be a tester!

Hope to hear from you!