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Oh bummer, it’s costumers on a rumpage!

18th century rumps silliness

What happens when you’ve just made test versions of the Frances Rump pattern, and your friend comes over to check the fit of her Augusta Stays and get some advice on cutting her chemise neckline?


We put the stays on, discussed fit and alterations, and checked her shift neckline.  And then as long as she had her stays on, we decided to try the rumps to see how they fit on her.

First she tried the little Frances (View B), and said “oooh, that’s nice!”

Then she tried the big Frances (View A), and said “oooh, that’s even nicer!”

Then she tried each of them on with my little bum pad I made years ago, to see how that changed the silhouette.

And then I mentioned that you could wear them both together for the ultra-fashionable enormous-booty look, so she tried that.

And then she wanted to try my split rump from the American Duchess book, to see how that looked under a petticoat compared to the others.

And then we got a bit ridiculous…

18th century rump silliness


18th century rump silliness

It’s like the princess and the pea, except for rumps!

We put a petticoat over the rump tower, and it was so shelf-y I had a brainstorm…

Could we…

18th century rump silliness

Ooooooh yeaaaaaaah!

And what about that thing about walking with books on your head?  What about…

18th century rump silliness

Walking with books on your bum!

I can now confirm that it also forces you to glide smoothly and elegantly!

So yeah, this is what my friends and I get up to when we hang out 🤣


  1. So that’s like junk, ON the trunk! I love it.
    Hehe! 🙂

  2. Christina Kinsey says

    Could come in handy in a busy cafe, carry food and take orders at the same time

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