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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Hedgehog [Shorts]

Hedgehog shorts

It’s been a very warm summer in Wellington.  The warmest summer on record in fact.  So I’ve been making, and wearing, lots and lots and lots of shorts, and lots, and lots of short-sleeved Scroop  Miramar tops.

I tend to make my shirts in solids and stripes, but I like fun, patterned bottoms.  Summer shorts should be a wee bit silly.  You’ve already seen my Smaug Shorts  as a pretty good example of that.

When it comes to fun and wacky, my latest pair of shorts leaves the Smaug shorts well in the dust.

Hedgehog shorts thedreamstress.com06

Yes. They have hedgehogs all over them. In green and fuchsia purple:

Hedgehog shorts thedreamstress.com13

Hedgehog shorts

I just couldn’t resist when the fabric came in at Made Marion Craft.  It’s a beautifully soft cotton drill, and Hedgehog Girl is my superhero alter ego after all (she rescues hedgehogs).

I know it’s slightly ridiculous to wear hedgehog shorts when you’re on the dark side of 30, but I’ve embraced the fact that slightly ridiculous is something I’m OK with being.

Hedgehog shorts thedreamstress.com06

Fuchsia and bamboo green on taupe-grey isn’t the easiest colour scheme to coordinate tops with, but luckily I had this viscose jersey in stash, just perfect for a Miramar.

Hedgehog shorts thedreamstress.com06

I made this Miramar  a tunic rather than a shirt, because I like the look of tunics over shorts.  On me I feel it makes them a bit dressier, and lends the outfit a bit more gravitas.  I’m not sure how much gravitas you can manage in hedgehog shorts though!

Hedgehog shorts thedreamstress.com06

I tend to ruch the tunic up a bit so I can put my hands and other things in my pockets.  Enormous pockets are mandatory in shorts as far as I’m concerned.  And when you get to draft your own patterns, you can add all the pockets you want to a pattern!

Hedgehog shorts

I really don’t want the tunic look, I can always tie the Miramar up.

The ’80s and early ’90s are back in right?  I’ve even heard rumours that not only are scrunchies having a renaissance, but we’re about to see those circular T-shirt slides for knotting your T-shirt up again.  Remember those?

Hedgehog shorts

No matter how mad the ’80s revival gets, please stop me if I start cutting out the extra hedgehog motifs from my scraps and applying them to my shirt and highlighting them with glitter puff paint!

The photos were taken during one of our weekend walks down around the Wellington coast.  I always feel happier around water, and love the way the coast changes ever day, with different weather, and different tides.

I always find something fun on our walks.  On this trip I found the remains of this amazing crab:

Hedgehog shorts

Hedgehog shorts

Camouflage skills on fleek!  (that’s what the hip young things are saying these days, right?)

Hedgehog shorts



  1. Elise says

    Congratulations! They are adorable!
    (It’s rainy here, but perfect for my own kiddo’s long-sleeve hedgehog dress. Hedgehog solidarity!)

  2. Haha, I love your hedgehog shorts! They are so fun, and not so obvious that they look young. I’ve also embraced a bit of silly and fun animals in my clothes (past the age of 30…) and have a similar hope that I pull them off with grace instead of looking ridiculous. Given that it’s winter here, I’ve been pulling out my various penguin and polar bear sweaters and skirts pretty often! I like the idea for summer clothes, too!


  3. Annie says

    Until this moment I did not realize just how empty my life was without a pair of hedgehog shorts. I love these. I have a rather fraught relationship with shorts and you may have inspired me to find fabric I love and make myself the perfect pair.

  4. Deanna says

    Your hedgehog shorts are delightful! That is great pattern matching on the pocket.

  5. I’m the wrong side of 40 but I still like some fun fabrics from time to time. Bought a t-shirt with a very funky cat on it the other day; much more fun than the others available which were all very cutesy.
    Love your shorts, but then I’m a Super Hedgehog Lady too, have rescued a number of them from the council drain next to our house.

  6. nanny norfolk says

    How lovely! Can’t think of shorts here in the UK. The Beast from the East has brought snow icey winds & chaos. Make the most of your summer,
    By the way glitter is a huge pollutant & is going to be banned here!

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