Portfolio: 1913 ‘Carte Blanche’ Poiret inspired gown

The Idea and Inspiration:

This started out as this Poiret dress, but didn’t look good in the fabrics I had.

So it just grew from there. Basically, I wanted something that was historically accurate, and that embodied the spirit of Poiret’s designs.

Fabric and Materials:

Vintage tussah silk recycled from a kimono, raw silk.

The Dress Diary:

Introducing the idea

The finished dress

The dress at the Pompeii to Paris talk

The dress at Pompeii to Paris II

A photoshoot


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  1. Anita says

    Aloha, Leimomi.

    I like the fashions that are just before the flapper era -in between the 1913 and 1920 dresses in your portfolio. I saw it in an older BBC television series called the House of Eliott. The lines were simple and they made use of the bias cut for skirts and jackets. I liked it because even the stout figure was flattered. Does the style in between 1913 and 1920 have a name I could use to research the fashions?

    Your web site is a lovely example of sharing knowledge. It fulfills the original intent of the Internet. Thank you for the time you spend to create, develop, and maintain the web site.

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