Another Pompeii to Paris talk

As I have mentioned (numerous times) I had another go at the Pompeii to Paris talk on Thursday.

It was a crazy day: sewing and dressing and transporting things across town and organising, and then, at the end of it, getting in invite to be a last minute guest speaker for another event.

But that’s another story.  So here is Thursday’s story, in pictures.

The dressing room was tiny, so the dressed models waited in the theater before the audience arrived:

The models dressed and waiting to go, trying not to crush their dresses

They chatted, and compared dresses, and posed for pictures, and goofed off, and did lots of fun stuff, all of which I missed, because I was busy being…busy.

A little bit of pre-program posing

Joie de Vivre looks so fantastic in Poiret!

I adore her hair in the turban - it's so perfect!

How could you not practice your opera moves in dresses like these?

We're so pretty!

And we're so prim and sweet

Watching the opera singers

Paniers make great arm rests

Claire looking fantastic in the laurel dress, with an anachronistic camera

When I see models look this good, it really makes all the effort worth it!

I was the last person dressed and made up, so missed all the fun.  I ran out just in time for the talk, but at least I got to admire all the beautiful models in their dresses as I talked.

The models came out in chronological order.

The 18th century ladies looking stunning

Robes to chemises to Regency

This time I had a power point to go with the talk, so it was wonderful to be able to compare the models dresses with my inspiration.

I love how much Elisabeth is looking like Madame Recamier in these shots!

Describing the Greek fret motif in fashion

One of the things I really love about getting photos from the audience during the talk is that I can see that the models are paying attention to what I say too.

Chiara and Madame Ornata, listening intently, and posing beautifully

The 19th century beauties join the 18th century belles

I wave my arms around a lot as I talk.  My hair ribbon kept falling out.  The movement does make for great pictures though.

Centuries and layers of fashion and meaning.

I love how all the models look, and how much I look like a Roman mural with my stola flowing around me.

The models all looked so stunning in the gowns, and as a group.

I found some really fantastic counterpoint images for the power point presentation, and love how they interact with the dresses.

Aren't those images fabulous? It's Gloria Swanson and Carole Lombard

Who will get hit with the arrow?

After posing around the screen throughout the talk, the models all came forward at the end.

The end of the talk

Pretty pretty pretty!

And then, of course, the audience got to meet the models, and then we took photographs.

Group shot (minus a few models who had to run off right away)

Me and a friend capturing the glory of the Juno dress

Anachronistic, but still a beautiful image of the stola in action

I love how you can see the picture I am taking in my screen.

And then we took everything off and I went home and had a rest and it was wonderful.

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