Portfolio: 1910 “Luna Moth” Evening Gown

1910 Luna Moth Frock

The Idea and Inspiration:

A 1910, directorie line evening dress inspired by a luna moth.   A similar idea is   mentioned in Gene Stratton Porter’s A Girl of the Limberlost, where Edith wears a Yellow Imperialis (it’s another kind of moth) inspired gown, so there is historical precedent for my idea.

My gown will be based on a luna moth:

With inspiration taken from a red ca 1911 evening dress from the wardrobe of Queen Maude of Norway:

My design sketch, front and back:


Fabric and Materials:

Hand-dyed celadon green silk tissue, plum-rose coloured silk and rayon velvet, shot green and gold silk taffeta, with linings and bodice support of white cotton broadcloth, and white linen-cotton.   Hand beading.

The Dress Diary:

Initial inspiration

The initial design sketch

An alternative design sketch

The design sketch and fabric

Draping the pattern and the toile

Dyeing the fabric

The under bodice

Under support and construction

The underdress and over-layers construction

The finished underdress

The beading

Almost done

And finally, finished!

Research and Resources:

Janet Arnold’s Patterns of Fashion 1860-1940 (1910 evening dress)

Gene Stratton-Porter, A Girl of the Limberlost (read this online)

The Wardrobe of Queen Maude of Norway.


  1. Love that book(A Girl of the Limberlost)!!!

    Excellent idea and I love the colors. I came across your post while looking for a quote from the book while making an Etsy treasury.

  2. Sarah says

    This is such a beautiful dress. It looks so lovely and delicate on you. Congratulations on finishing it, you have done a superb job as always!

  3. msjennmakes says

    All of the links forward to your most recent blog post. Do they still exist on the blog somewhere?

    • Unfortunately there was a technical difficulty that crashed all these blog posts. I’m trying to restore them, but it takes a significant amount of time.

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