Portfolio: 1931 (adapted) Wedding Gown

The Idea and Inspiration:

This is my wedding dress.   It’s based on a 1931 pattern which I was given.   Mr Dreamy and I got married in Hawaii in 2005, so I needed a dress which was not too hot, and easy to dance in.

I wasn’t happy with the dress as it was in 2005 .

Well, more accurately, I went a little mad after the wedding and pulled it apart, and then regretted the pulling apart, but had changed it too much to put it back together, so in 2010 I finally re-cut a new bodice from my last scraps of fabric and put it back together in a way that I actually like.

Fabric and Materials:

Stonewashed white silk charmeuse, purchased in the New York fabric district.

The Dress Diary:

A bit about my wedding

And some info about our rings on another blog

Some images of the finished dress

The design

The fabric

The wedding dress on a model at Pompeii to Paris

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