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The NZ Sew & Eat Historical Retreat 2019: A Medieval Feast

I’m in the midst of planning an 8 course historical-meets-Hawai’i* Christmas Eve feast, so it seems like the perfect time to blog about some of the food we ate on our Sew & Eat Historical Retreat 2019**. The food was so amazing, and I have so many photos, I’m breaking it into two posts: one just on our Medieval feast, and one on the rest of the food. Nina was the mastermind of the Medieval feast: researching recipes, and orchestrating the cooking. I just contributed a few ideas and ingredients and chopped and assembled dishes and instructed. And Nina & Hvitr were responsible for the real showpiece of the night. Making it had been my idea, but I skived off and took photos while they made it (although I did make the emergency flour run to the grocery store 30ks down a small country road that made it possible). Menu: Mashed Peas Asparagus Breney (non-alcoholic version) Wild Rabbit & Barley Salad with Caramelised Russet Apples Purple carrots with ginger Not based on an exact recipe, …

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How to get started in historical costuming

True story:  quite a few of my closest friends became my friends because they heard I do historical costuming and said “Oh, I’ve always dreamed of making X kind of dress.”  And I said  “Really?  Well, I can help with that!  Let me tempt you to the dark and full of handsewing side…”   And then 300 hours of pattern choosing and handsewing later we’re sending each other terrible memes at 3am, and crying on each others shoulder when things are hard.   I can’t promise you a costuming friend for life, but I can give you some of the tips that I give friends when they start on this journey.  Hopefully they will help you achieve your costuming dreams. First, choose what you want to make: That’s pretty obvious! But it can be a bit overwhelming. The three main strategies that people use to get started are: Pick an era, and make a complete outfit for that era, from the inside out. Pick a simple item that can be used for multiple eras, and …

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Costumes and Kunekune pigs

I was very excited when the intro guide to our cottage for our Sew & Eat Historical Retreat said that we could put all the food scraps in a bin for the pigs. I’m always a fan of anything that keeps food out of the rubbish (food waste is a huge contributor to climate change – food rotting without air creates carbon). I was even more excited when we arrived, and it turned out that the pigs were pet kunekune pigs, not farm porkers destined for the slaughterhouse. And we could feed them and pet them! Happiness! Kunekune pigs are descended from domestic pigs that were brought to New Zealand from Asia by whalers or traders in the early 19th century. They are now a unique breed of their own, from isolation, or crossbreeding, or because the breeds they descended from have since gone extinct (as has happened with so many breeds of domestic farm animals in the last 200 years). Kune means plump in te reo Māori, and when you double up a word …