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Frou Frou Francaise Sleeve

The Frou Frou Francaise: Sleeves & Sleeve Ruffles (& Felicity)

Some construction details on my Frou Frou Francaise sleeves and sleeve ruffles, for those who are interested.  And some photos of Felicity, for those who are interested 😉 I based my sleeve pattern on the from Janet Arnold’s Patterns of Fashion   The construction is a basic sew-three-layers-together-and-then-use-the-outer-fabric-to-hide-all-the-seam-allowances construction.  I don’t know if there is a less-wordy 18th c name for it! The fun part of sleeves, is, of course, sleeve ruffles! I based the punch pattern on my sleeve ruffles on this sacque in the V&A. There is a close-up image of the sleeve details in the 18th century Historical Fashion in Detail book (page 176 if you want to see it), but this image of the petticoat ruffle should give you a good idea of what the punch detailing looks like. To create my pattern I used the sleeve ruffle patterns from the American Duchess book (in retrospect I really wish I’d used the ruffle that corresponds with the Janet Arnold sleeve, but oh well) , and sketched out a punch design. I …

Robe a la Francaise, 18th century (probably 1770s), silk, Lot 550, sold by Whittakers Auctions, Fall 2016

Rate the Dress: a Francaise as blue as the Hawai’ian ocean

This week’s Rate the Dress pick is thematic: it’s a francaise (be prepared for all the francaise posts…),  it’s as blue as the ocean around Hawaii, and it’s covered in a lush array of flowers worthy of any tropical garden. Will it make you feel like you’re on vacation at Versailles and Waikiki at the same time, or will it leave you cold? Last week:  a late Regency era evening dress The star-shaped-sequins covered evening dress didn’t inspire an outpouring of commentary and interest, but most of you who rated it agreed that it was an extremely attractive and charming example of its type…well, at least all of you who commented by Saturday evening did.  Perhaps there was an outpouring of dislike before the ratings closed, because… The Total: 9.4 out of 10 I haven’t had internet since I wrote this post, so don’t know what the final rating is.  It will be a mystery until I make it out of the valley and back to town. Picture perfect! This week: There isn’t a huge …