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Sensible frocks for daily wear, 1911

The title of this section of the Girl’s Own Paper charms me so much. Why don’t fashion magazines today show you sensible garments for daily wear?!?  I wonder if women who looked at these actually thought they were sensible?  Or did they look almost as ridiculous as fashion photoshoots ideas of sensible work wear look today? Is this next one a chesterfield?  Could be! I do love that they show clothes for the new career girl:

Blouses to wear with a tailored costume, 1911

I’m afraid these images from the Girl’s Own Paper aren’t the best quality, but I’ve had a special request for blouse images from the 19teens.  I’ve got a few more that I’ll show over the weekend. I love these ladies taking tea in their tailored costumes and blouses: This lady is wearing an impressively long chain necklace:  

Making the best of your hair in 1911

Some suggestions of hairstyles to suit your face from the Girls Own Paper, Christmas 1911: For long faces: And a side view of that style: For older women and round faces: And the back view: My favourite.  I do love a side part: I think this is just so sweet: A hairstyle for dressy occasions: For young faces, or narrow faces: And the back view: Aren’t they fabulous?  I particularly love the little glimpses of collars and necklines.