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Wedding dress, 1927. Silk crepe, glass beads, metallic thread embroidery. Maker unknown. Gift of Robert C. Woolard. 1991.408a, Sponsored by Laura Barnett Sawchyn, Chicago Historical Society

Rate the Dress: the ’20s are back

It’s the 20s again, and 1920s & 30s frocks are always what I think of when I imagine the perfect New Years outfit.* So this week’s Rate the Dress is a 20s dress for a festive event. Last Week: an 1840s dress in striped silk Last week’s rating were all over the place: a big chunk of 9s & 10s from people who loved the piecing and play of stripes; a smattering of middle ratings from those who liked it, but weren’t quite reconciled to the not-perfect pattern matching, the unusually low berthe, and the muted colours; and a few really, really low scores from people who didn’t like anything about it. The Total: 7.8 out of 10 You can’t please them all! This week: a 1920s dress I think of ’20s frocks as the perfect New Year’s attire, but this week’s Rate the Dress is actually a garment for a different kind of ‘new’: a new beginning. It’s a wedding dress, albeit an unusual blue sleeveless example that departs from the more common ’20s wedding …

Robe de Style, Paul Poiret (French, Paris 1879–1944 Paris), 1925, French, silk, Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1982.249

Rate the Dress: Poiret does evening blue

Last week’s Rate the Dress was quite popular, although not everyone was on board with its colour. For this week’s Rate the Dress I’ve picked a very different dress, but one in the most-suggested alternate hue for last week’s frock. Last Week: an 1882-3 day dress in fawn brown Last week’s dress was way, way, way more popular than I thought it would be! I just didn’t expect people to be in to fawn brown, all the pleats + lace, and the very unusual front pocket situation. But it turns out you just really, really like pockets. And some people even like fawn brown! The Total: 9.2 out of 10 A very elegant effort. This week: a blue velvet robe de style by Poiret This week’s Rate the Dress is a robe de style by Paul Poiret. While the overall shape is typical of a robe de style, in typical Poiret fashion it combines unusual and inventive elements to give a twist to the standard shape. This take on the robe de style features multicolour embroidery on …

Child's 'Dainty Blossom' Ensemble, Daisy Stanford, Hand-painted silk, c. 1925, FIDM, 2003.5.24A-C

Rate the Dress: a 1920s Fairytale

This week’s Rate the Dress is very on-theme for the seasons here in New Zealand. Spring is in full swing, daffodils abound, and the first butterflies are out. So I’ve picked a frock with daffodils and butterflies, perfect for frolicking through meadows of blossoming bulbs. Maybe next week I’ll pick something very autumnal, for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere! Last Week: a ca. 1880 afternoon ensemble The ratings for last week’s dress were pretty clearly divided into three camps. Quite a lot of you thought the muted colours and single tonal range balanced the excessive details nicely, resulting in a good, but not great dress. And some of you thought that more is more is more is fabulous, and gave it a perfect (or nearly so) score. And then, there were those who thought the dress was just awful, resulting in an extremely unusual proportion of 3s and 4s! The end result? The Total: 6.9 out of 10 An average which accurately represents the opinion of exactly one of the raters! This week: a …