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Early 1950s fashions & fabrics in Japan, Part 5 of 5

This is it.  The last few pages of my catalogue of early 1950s sewing patterns and fabrics for the Japanese market.  No I guess I’m going to have to start making some of them up! There is actually a little story to these photographs that I haven’t told you.  I went out one afternoon, bought lots of delicious things at the Asia Gallery, got given the patterns, was having an absolutely fabulous day. Then I got home. And realised I didn’t have my key, and the house was completely locked up.  Blast! Mr D would be home from work in an hour or so, and it was the middle of summer, so light and warm, so I decided to wait it out. Felicity came out of her cat door and meeped at me while she tried to work out why I wasn’t coming inside.  And I tried to find something to occupy my time.  I realised I had my camera (I always have my camera) and the catalogue to look at.  So all of these …

Early 1950s fashions and fabrics in Japan, Part 4 of 5

I’ve been having so much fun showing you these images.   I love all your comments about the fashions, and the discussions we have had about Japanese society in the post war era. Ready for some more adorable early 50s fashions for women and children? This section of designs is all on paper that is quite yellowed and acidic with age.  It’s really quite interesting how the paper throughout the booklet is different. First, some kids hats.  I just love that these were necessary enough to be included in the pattern book! And then, some fashions for boys and girls: And back to adult clothes: I really like this artist’s style.  The women are so sweet, and reasonably anatomically probable. This artist also gives a lovely sense of life and action to his sketches: And finally, a few more children’s frocks: Next week Monda I’ll show you the very last one.