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Early 1950s fashions and fabrics in Japan, Part 4 of 5

I’ve been having so much fun showing you these images.   I love all your comments about the fashions, and the discussions we have had about Japanese society in the post war era.

Ready for some more adorable early 50s fashions for women and children?

This section of designs is all on paper that is quite yellowed and acidic with age.  It’s really quite interesting how the paper throughout the booklet is different.

First, some kids hats.  I just love that these were necessary enough to be included in the pattern book!

Beanies and bonnets for little ones

And then, some fashions for boys and girls:

Kiddie clothes with cute pockets

D'awwww! Look at the duck applique! And the dress on the far right is a junior version of one I showed you in part 2

And back to adult clothes:

Meh. Not very exciting

Junior dresses perhaps? Fabulous necklines!

I really like this artist’s style.  The women are so sweet, and reasonably anatomically probable.

The dresses on the right and left are really me. I've never gotten into the waistcoat bodice style in the middle though.

Oooh...that stripey one!

This artist also gives a lovely sense of life and action to his sketches:

Oh, the one on the far right! Happiness!

I love the frock of the girl with the shopping basket. And the big checks

And finally, a few more children’s frocks:

Such sweet, charming details

Next week Monda I’ll show you the very last one.


  1. Lynne says

    I love the little sunbonnet. I had one of those – with a big tab at the back to stop the neck getting sunburnt. Very practical – they stay on in the wind. I rather wish they’d make a come-back – such a sensible sunhat.

    • Aren’t they cute? I had hats like that as a child – my parents were fanatical about sun safety. They still do wear hats like that in Japan. You see tourists in Hawaii in them.

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