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Scroop Patterns + Virgil's Fine Goods Amalia Jacket

Jenni’s Amalia Jacket: a costuming community collaboration

When it came time to make samples for the Scroop + Virgil’s Fine Goods Amalia Jacket pattern I was in a bit of a quandary.  I made View A in my size, knowing Elisabeth would fit, and look absolutely stunning, in it. I really wanted my friend Jenni to model View B.  Jenni is a fabulous model – and I’ve tempted her into the dark and full of handsewing world of historical costuming, so she actually has a reason to have a personal Amalia Jacket.   But asking your model to make her own garment is more than a wee bit cheeky!  And Jenni has a rather full life of her own. She’s also been quite busy for the past year and then some illustrating a massive book, ‘Heart of Flame: Katherine Mansfield’s Flowers and Trees’, and then launching her first exhibition. So I offered her an Amalia & petticoat in return for her modelling it.  She gets a pretty 18th century ensemble, I got a gorgeous model, and got to give back to Jenni …

Scroop Patterns & Virgil's Fine Goods Amalia Jacket

Averil’s Amalia Jacket

I like to have both local and international testers for Scroop Patterns, so I can be sure it works for everyone, and see any fit issue up close. Averil was a local tester and helped test how accessible the Amalia Jacket pattern is to new historical sewist. She’d only been doing historical costuming for 8 months!