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Amalia Jacket and 18th century dress ups

Cartwheels in Corsets, or Proof That Stays Don’t Stop You From Moving

One of the things that people who have never worn a properly fitted corset or pair of stays say is “Oh, they are so confining and restrictive”. Properly made, they really aren’t! Proof? Back in October when Stella and Priscilla and I had fun playing Georgian dress ups, Priscilla wore these Augusta Stays under her Georgian gentleman’s outfit. I was photographing Stella looking all dreamy and gorgeous… And Priscilla decided to photobomb us…by literally cartwheeling in!   So yeah, if you can do a cartwheel into a handstand in stays and heels, you can definitely move in them!

The Augusta Stays

How to add more bust space in the Augusta Stays

When Amber & I created the Augusta Stays pattern we decided to have two different fit blocks, to make fit easier straight off the pattern. The ‘Straight’ fit has a 10” difference between un-corseted bust and corseted waist, and is best for those with less bust-to-waist difference, or those desiring less waist compression. The ‘Curvy’ fit has a 12” difference between un-corseted bust and corseted waist, and is best for those with more bust-to-waist difference, or those desiring more waist compression.   However, we know that isn’t going to accomodate everyone: the body comes in an infinite variety of fits! Take Priscilla: she’s wearing the Theatrical Augusta Stays in size 38 Curvy. As you can see, Priscilla has a tiny waist and a lot of bust, and the stays aren’t quite accomodating that bust. (note: these stays were not made for her – dressing up in them and the photos was a spontaneous event during a costume weekend) If she were wearing the Historical Augusta stays we could loosen the lacings to provide space, but …