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The Augusta Stays vs The Cassandra Stays

The Augusta Stays & The Cassandra Stays – what’s the difference?

We’ve had so many questions about the difference between the Scroop + Virgils Fine Goods Augusta Stays and the Scroop + Virgil’s Fine Goods Cassandra Stays that I’m bumping the planned blog post about that up the queue and answering it before I even share the (absolutely amazing!) tester makes. Although the Augusta and Cassandra Stays are both 18th century stays, they are quite different patterns.  Here’s how, and which you should choose depending on what you want as a costumer! (pssst, don’t forget that the Cassandra Stays are 15% off until Thur 22 Feb, midnight NZDT) Silhouette & Date – the difference between the two styles The Augusta Stays are based on extant stays & stay patterns dating to between 1775 and 1789, such as this pair: (learn more about the extant stays that inspired the Augusta pattern here) Stays of this style are fairly short-waisted, with partial front lacing which makes the bust fit adjustable.  The goal of these stays was to create a short, curvaceous silhouette, with a ‘prow front’ that thrust …

Amalia Jacket and 18th century dress ups

Cartwheels in Corsets, or Proof That Stays Don’t Stop You From Moving

One of the things that people who have never worn a properly fitted corset or pair of stays say is “Oh, they are so confining and restrictive”. Properly made, they really aren’t! Proof? Back in October when Stella and Priscilla and I had fun playing Georgian dress ups, Priscilla wore these Augusta Stays under her Georgian gentleman’s outfit. I was photographing Stella looking all dreamy and gorgeous… And Priscilla decided to photobomb us…by literally cartwheeling in!   So yeah, if you can do a cartwheel into a handstand in stays and heels, you can definitely move in them!