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ca 1845 ball gown, 1840s evening gown

Rate the Dress: a ca 1845 ball gown with an unusual note

I think I may have slightly cheated with last week’s 1900s blue silk Rate the Dress.  Apparently I described it so thoroughly, and detailed all it’s good points so eloquently, that I convinced some of you to like it even if you might not have otherwise. I definitely enjoyed writing about the dress, but I wasn’t consciously trying to make you like it.  Ironically, I only think it’s OK!  It definitely doesn’t make my heart go pitter-patter as a whole.  It did make (almost all) of your hearts go pitter-pattern though – or, more accurately, skip a beat.  Claire dubbed it the swoon dress! The total: 9.3 out of 10 This week: a ca. 1845 ball gown   For this week’s rate the dress I’ve chosen a ca 1845 ball gown in classic white. “Oh no, not another one of those!” might well be your instant reaction.  After all, aren’t all 1845 ball gowns much the same?  Yes, maybe… However I think this one has enough interesting design details to merit your consideration. And that’s …