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Juno dress: Things I wish I had known

When I first started the Juno Victorian Goddess dress, there was only one image of my inspiration gown available:   So I guessed what the train looked like, and what the back of the bodice looked like, and lots of other stuff. And I got it wrong.  Because the Met got the Brooklyn Museum’s costume collection and put up more images of the dress, and now I know that the the train looks like this: The train is fancy, not plain, the bodice laces, and the bodice trimming is much more controlled.  And just look at the sleeve details, and the way those pleats fall! She looks so pleased with herself!  And this shot really shows how far off the shoulders the bodice sits: And the other side of the dress.  Now I can see that the tulle catches back up: And just look how different it looks without a full bustle.  Is this an original 19th century image (dubious), or the donor in the 1930s or a later museum model (far more likely)?  And …

The Laurel dress: a photoshoot

What better way to celebrate Halloweek than getting dressed up with friends and taking lots and lots of pictures of each other in gorgeous dresses? At the end of the shoot, and after editing out tons and tons of images, I still have over 100 fabulous images of me in the laurel dress.  But I’ll restrain myself and only show you the ones that are beyond fabulous. Need more fabulosity?  Check out the entire gallery on the dress page.  Most of the photographs are by the fabulous Sarah, the rest are by Madame Ornata.