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Finished projects: Judith’s basket panniers

As well as last weeks hoop panniers, Judith also wanted a pair of basket panniers. I based these ones off the basket panniers at Tidens Toej and Norah Waugh’s pattern in Corsets and Crinolines. For the fabric, we selected a blue damask with a subtle baroque-inspired pattern woven into it. I symmetrical widths allowed me to centre the pattern on each basket. As it is for a show, I didn’t put the slits in the top of each basket. It’s much less problematic, and leaves the elegant lines of the pleating undisturbed. To provide a little contrast to the jutting silhouette of the hoop panniers, I dropped the first hoop of the baskets fairly low on the hips, giving a much more informal silhouette. Once again, I used Lacis hooping wire for the hooping. Now I just need to stop selling or giving away my basket panniers as soon as I make one and keep a pair for myself!