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Finished projects: Judith’s basket panniers

As well as last weeks hoop panniers, Judith also wanted a pair of basket panniers.

I based these ones off the basket panniers at Tidens Toej and Norah Waugh’s pattern in Corsets and Crinolines.

For the fabric, we selected a blue damask with a subtle baroque-inspired pattern woven into it.

The fabric

I symmetrical widths allowed me to centre the pattern on each basket.

The basket panniers, front

As it is for a show, I didn’t put the slits in the top of each basket.

The panniers, side view

It’s much less problematic, and leaves the elegant lines of the pleating undisturbed.

Mmm...pretty pleats!

To provide a little contrast to the jutting silhouette of the hoop panniers, I dropped the first hoop of the baskets fairly low on the hips, giving a much more informal silhouette.

The panniers, back view

Once again, I used Lacis hooping wire for the hooping.

The inside of the pannier with the boning channels

Now I just need to stop selling or giving away my basket panniers as soon as I make one and keep a pair for myself!


  1. Dreamstress, I have a question. When you’re wearing panniers (either kind), where do you place the pockets? Like, for the hoop pannier does one reach through a slit in the fabric to get to the pockets underneath? With ones like these, the basket panniers, where would they go? I know it says you left the slits out of the top, but if they were there, would the pockets go inside the panniers themselves?

    • I’ve wondered all of these things myself, and only kinda know the answer! I’ll endeavor to blog about it!

  2. Maybe you could use them to store a bunch of stuff -lunch, noms in general, a box of tissues, maybe a weapon, knitting or handsweing projects, a few good books…and there’d still be room for more! 🙂

  3. Me encanta tu blog ¡¡¡¡ y todo tu magnifico trabajo¡¡¡
    Muchas gracias por tus comentarios en mi blog.
    Hace años, yo estudie tecnico de vestuario teatral y estas fotos me traen muchos recuerdos.

  4. Madame Ornata says

    Oh these are just delicious! Dear Dreamstress can I please order a pair just like this but with Tardis-like storage properties?

    • In other words, you want Mary Poppins panniers? Because they need to be not just bigger on the inside, but improbably light as well!

      • Oh don’t be so practical! And when are you blogging gain? Swanning around the country being wise and entertaining is no excuse for neglecting us 😉

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