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Doucet does Cubism

Rate the Dress: Doucet does Cubism

It’s Rate the Dress time!  This week we move from exoticism to modernism.  How will the transition go? Last week: an 1840s evening gown with Ottoman-esque embroidery Not only did most of you like last week’s 1840s gold-& floral embroidered evening gown, but the comments unearthed lots of fascinating information about it, and Ottoman inspired embroidery.  Go have a read of them! There were a few niggles about the ‘clunky’ gold trim down the front of the dress, so which brought the rating down a wee bit. The total: 8.1 out of 10 Not too bad! This week: an early ’20s Doucet ensemble We usually associate Doucet with his frothy Edwardian creations, but he was designing well into the 1920s.  His garments continued to change with, and reflect the times, while always linking back to the same passion. Doucet, above all, was an art connoisseur.  His fashion creations were influenced and inspired by his love of art.  He continued to keep abreast of the latest innovations in art, and particularly loved Cubism.  He bought directly …