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Timeless Beauties at Dr Sketchy

I’ve just realised that I was very remiss, and while I shared links to Dr Sketchy photos on my facebook page, I never properly blogged about it.  This is mostly because I was sick with a cold on the day of Dr Sketchy, and can barely remember what happened, much less what I said! I almost ended up not having photos from Dr Sketchy due to my foggy brain, but it’s also to thank for getting them in the first place.  I was so sick in the run-up to Dr Sketchy I forgot to ask the divine Sarah  if she would come and take photos. In an odd quirk of fate though, as the models and I, all dressed in stays and petticoats, and laden with their costume changes, rushed to the venue we bumped into Sarah taking photographs of the street.  In my virus fugue I completely forgot that I hadn’t asked her to take pictures, and assumed that she was on the way to Dr Sketchy to do just that, which I proceeded …

Rococo undergarments & Rococo art

My Dr Sketchy talk is themed around how artists were inspired by undergarments.  I’m starting with the 18th century and rococo undergarments. Of course, 18th century undergarments aren’t technically undergarments, since chemises, stays and petticoats could all be worn as outerwear! So the artworks that I am being inspired by to stage my tableaux for the talk includes both intimate boudoir scenes with real underwear and genre scenes with romanticised peasant women in stays and petticoats. First intimate boudoir scenes, as epitomised by Boucher’s La Toilette: Ooh!  Stockings!  And frilly petticoats!  And bed jackets, and maybe a hint of stays.  And sexy slippers! On a much naughtier note, we have Pater’s “Mme. de Bouvillon Tempts Fate by Asking Ragotin to Search for a Flea” (which has got to be the best name for a painting ever, and must be a reference to something) Mme. de Bouvillon appears to have opened her robe to reveal her jumps, which are barely containing her bounty.  Oh dear! The genre scenes are a little sweeter and less saucy: Boucher’s …

Mark your calendars!

Mark your calendars for Saturday Sept 10th because I’ll be featuring at Wellington’s very popular Dr Sketchy, talking about historical undergarments while my ‘Timeless Beauties’ pose in corsets and bustles. If you aren’t busy ‘Squee’-ing in excitement, you may be wondering “What’s Dr Sketchy?” Dr Sketchy is life drawing for cool people.  There are branches all over the world, so in Paris or Tokyo or Topeka (OK, not sure if there is a branch in the last one yet) you can get together with a bunch of other awesome people from all walks of life, in an awesome, totally not boring art school location,  and draw even awesome-er models. Wellington’s Dr Sketchy has featured Roller Derby girls, Burlesque dancers, and Mexican wrestlers.  And now they are featuring me! And my Timeless Beauties (is that not the best phrase ever!?!) So come along to try your art skills, admire the models, learn a bit about historical undergarments & how they inspired artists from Boucher to Toulouse-Lautrec, listen to some great music, and maybe win a prize!