Timeless Beauties at Dr Sketchy

I’ve just realised that I was very remiss, and while I shared links to Dr Sketchy photos on my facebook page, I never properly blogged about it.  This is mostly because I was sick with a cold on the day of Dr Sketchy, and can barely remember what happened, much less what I said!

I almost ended up not having photos from Dr Sketchy due to my foggy brain, but it’s also to thank for getting them in the first place.  I was so sick in the run-up to Dr Sketchy I forgot to ask the divine Sarah  if she would come and take photos.

In an odd quirk of fate though, as the models and I, all dressed in stays and petticoats, and laden with their costume changes, rushed to the venue we bumped into Sarah taking photographs of the street.  In my virus fugue I completely forgot that I hadn’t asked her to take pictures, and assumed that she was on the way to Dr Sketchy to do just that, which I proceeded to chat to her about, much to her bafflement!  Being an extremely good sport, Sarah didn’t tell me to go stuff it, and instead dropped her afternoon plans and came along as the photographer.  Did I tell you she was awesome?

She got some awesome photos (and even found time to do a bit of sketching of her own) too!  Here are my favourites.

The timeless beauties get a rundown of the schedule

Chiara and Megan double check their poses

Racheal & Shell as pretty 18th c 'peasant' girls

Chiara and Shell demonstrate spiral lacing

Megan in an 1870s bustle

Rachel Rouge of Dr Sketchy in 1880s and Chiara in 1870s

Racheal in the 1890s corded corset

Four of the timeless beauties

Rachel Rouge in 1880s and Megan in 1870s

Racheal in the 1890s black corded corset

Shell in 1900s and Chiara in 1910s

Rachel Rouge in the 1900s 'briar rose' corset

And my very favourite of all:

Chiara in 1870s - with a scottie dog!

Sarah wasn’t the only one to help me out at the last minute that evening.  Due to my cold I couldn’t wear a corset, so Joie de Vivre stepped in with less than 24 hours notice and provided most of her own costume.  She wore the black and white ribbon corset, but sadly there are very few pictures of her in it from the event (but you can check out her much more modern, burlesque-y photoshoot here).  Megan also subbed in when my original model couldn’t make it.  My models are not only timeless beauties, but just place awesome and sweet!

For more pictures of the event check out the Dr Sketchy event page, and make sure to browse Sarah’s livejournal.


  1. Memories of college drawing classes and Degas. Are you going back to see the drawings?

  2. Cornelia Moore says

    way too sick way too often, so a mantra that can really improve things-at least, it really worked for me, when I was getting sick again right after getting over a virus. I’ve been using it for years, it cuts short some illness and avoids other illness all together. use it or not, your choice, but it’s worth trying.

    I bless the body.
    I bless the situation.
    I acknowledge devine pressence (god, goddess, what/whoever) within me, and I release this/these issues to (god, goddess, what/whoever) and I am well and free and all is well with me.

    of course you have to say it with conviction and truly let go. not easy at first but the more/longer one uses it the easier it gets, and the more it works.

    blessings, and perfect health.

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