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The 18th century man’s jacket: construction & fittings

I didn’t take a lot of construction photos while I made the 18th century man’s jacket, but I’ll do my best to explain how I made it. I’m sure it is not a historically accurate technique, but it made a very sturdy garment, with no machine sewing showing on the outside. I started with the two front chest pieces of the jacket First,  I sewed around the front edge, bottom edge, and the edge of the first pleat of the jacket, with the outer and lining fabric right sides together.  This meant that when I turned the pieces right side out and pressed them, the front, hem, and pleat edge were all finished. Then I sewed placed the back pieces with their lining fabrics, right sides together, and sewed down from the centre back pleat, along their hems, and up the side pleat.  Then I turned them right sides out, and pressed the now-finished hem. So basically,  all the hemming on the jacket was done by bag-hemming. With the back pieces hemmed, but still separate, …

Be prepared to be in love

Chiara will be modeling Ninon’s dress at the upcoming talk on Baroque and Rococo music and fashion, so she came over last night to try it on. She looks sooooooo amazing in it. There are a few little tweaks that need to be done (particularly the modesty drapery around the neckline), but for the most part, it’s perfect. These aren’t the best photos, but you get the idea.  I’m in love.  Seraphim sing. As you can see (or guess), I’ve finished all the eyelet holes, and the lining.  Since the photoshoot I have sewn the sleeve straps, so the only thing left to do is the sleeves and then the construction is done!