Be prepared to be in love

Chiara will be modeling Ninon’s dress at the upcoming talk on Baroque and Rococo music and fashion, so she came over last night to try it on.

She looks sooooooo amazing in it.

There are a few little tweaks that need to be done (particularly the modesty drapery around the neckline), but for the most part, it’s perfect.

These aren’t the best photos, but you get the idea.  I’m in love.  Seraphim sing.

It's so atmospheric and fabulous and golden!

Modesty draping definitely needed

The skirt poof! The sleeves!

Look at that waist! And the smooth torso!

As you can see (or guess), I’ve finished all the eyelet holes, and the lining.  Since the photoshoot I have sewn the sleeve straps, so the only thing left to do is the sleeves and then the construction is done!



  1. Wow, you’re so talented, and the way you made it, it’s just admirable. It looks really fabulous

  2. Kim says

    Wonderful!! She is beautiful in this wonderful dress.

  3. Suzie says

    Wow! Stunning dress. It is really beautiful

  4. Zach says

    The smooth torso is something to dream over! Now, a well deserved cheesy complement for you–allow me to clear my throat…. “Your work, like the color of that lustrous fabric, is golden!”

  5. It’s beautiful and I want that quilted petticoat.
    What I’m saying!
    All your projects are beautiful. I can’t wait to see the whole ensemble.

  6. Its absoltuly stunning and if you ever move my way I want to work with you.

    • Awww…thanks! I don’t think a move to Oz is in my future though. I just can’t get past the snakes and spiders (and I know that is just as irrational as the people who are afraid to go to Hawaii because of the active volcano).

      • You know I havnt seen a snake for I dont know how long and bad spiders are few and far between.But then I wont move up north coz of crocodiles so I get your fear

  7. rachlovestheweb says

    WOWZA!! She looks smokin, but modesty draping is required STAT! 🙂

  8. Modesty draping definitely needed (also for design reasons, not just modesty reasons – I like that little strip of white at the necklines), but otherwise, ooh, so pretty! She’ll be a vision of 17th century beauty. 🙂

  9. Madame Ornata says

    Wow Chiara looks smoking hot and the dress is drop dead gorgeous too. Ha ha ha you know what my next question will be …..

  10. Andrea says

    Hi! What a beautiful dress! I’m trying to make one myself and I’m stuck when it comes to fastening the skirt onto the bodice. Am I supposed to sew it together or fasten it together with something else? Help, please! This is my first dressmaking experience 🙂

  11. Elizabeth says

    This is so beautiful and amazing! I read through your construction posts and these “reveal” photos really took my breath away. Thank you for sharing!

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