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Bromeliad pink

I love the colours of the natural world.  They are so amazing, so vivid, and come in such unexpected, unusual combinations. Bromeliad pink may be one of my favourite colours ever.  My bridesmaids wore bromeliad pink.  I’ll write about them tomorrow. There are bromeliads all over my parent’s farm in Hawaii, most planted by me.  I love checking in on them when I am home. This bromeliad came out in my last two days, growing and opening almost before my eyes: These are a different kind of bromeliad:

Spring flowers prettiness

My house and yard are awash in spring flowers.  There are pots of anemones beside the front door, and tulips and freesias lining the walk.  Last year’s tulip and freesia bulbs are blooming beneath the camilla bush, dotted with tall irises in deepest violet and cream and gold. The colours are amazing: saturated fuchsia and pinks, bright oranges, palest lemon yellows, pollen, golden yellow and inky black, flowers in brick red with ochre throats and lavender stamens. I want to capture them all, to replicate them in fabrics and revel in their vividness.