Spring flowers prettiness

My house and yard are awash in spring flowers.  There are pots of anemones beside the front door, and tulips and freesias lining the walk.  Last year’s tulip and freesia bulbs are blooming beneath the camilla bush, dotted with tall irises in deepest violet and cream and gold.

The colours are amazing: saturated fuchsia and pinks, bright oranges, palest lemon yellows, pollen, golden yellow and inky black, flowers in brick red with ochre throats and lavender stamens.

I want to capture them all, to replicate them in fabrics and revel in their vividness.





  1. Yet again, the difference between hemispheres…
    Spring flowers are fun. Autumn flowers are more like… let’s get this all out before it’s too late. Spring flowers are like a young Art Nouveau maiden. Autumn flowers are like an Art Nouveau-era matron who wants to show off.
    Sort of.

    (Off topic: I noticed comments at the old Rate the Dress-es were lost during the site transfer. Are they lost for good, or could they be recovered? I think they’re an important part of this site’s history…)

    • Hi Hana,

      I’ve noticed they were missing too. It is top of my list for things for my website designer to look into. I really, really hope they can be recovered – there was some amazing information in them!

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