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Regency sandals

A while ago someone asked me about Regency sandals.  Why do we see so many in fashion plates, but so few extent pairs? Well, I suspect the ratio is quite similar to most items seen in fashion plates vs. extent items.  Fashion plates (and fashion magazines today) always show the most avant -garde and extreme fashion, and few ladies ever reached that level of modish dress. In addition, contemporary sources seem to indicate that wearing sandals was rather noteworthy, and maybe just a little bit scandalous, so there probably was a lot more talking about them than actually owning and wearing them. We can see the scandalousness conotations of sandals illustrated in the famous Boilly image of a rakish Incroyable meeting his female counterpart, the  Merveilleuse.  In her transparent dress even the radical Incroyable mistakes her for a prostitute and offers her money, while she shows a modesty not apparent in her attire and makes the sign of a cross with her fingers to indicate her shock and virtue. While they are hard to find, …

Spring shoes

Spring has come to New Zealand. In fact, it’s almost summer.  My spring flowers are almost finished (and I managed to not inflict a single post with macro images of them on you this year), and I heard the first cicada of the year last week. To celebrate, here are a rainbow of pretty, pastel-y, spring-y shoes. There are pink ones: And purple ones: And green ones: And blue ones: And yellow ones: And some that have a whole garden of colours:  

Those crazy Victorians – take 3: Sanitary toe socks

Remember toe socks?  Those 70’s monstrosities that became a fad again in the 1990s?  It turns out they weren’t a new invention! Click on the image to learn more than you ever wanted to know about weird Victorian health regimens. I now must find a way to incorporate toe socks into a steampunk ensemble.  I wonder if you could have steampunk-esque slippers?  Or sandals?  In an awful way, I’m liking the idea of ‘crunchy’ steampunk.  Enter the steampunk hippies! * If you are wondering what ‘Take 1’ and ‘Take 2’ were, check out these posts.