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Spring shoes

Spring has come to New Zealand.

In fact, it’s almost summer.  My spring flowers are almost finished (and I managed to not inflict a single post with macro images of them on you this year), and I heard the first cicada of the year last week.

To celebrate, here are a rainbow of pretty, pastel-y, spring-y shoes.

There are pink ones:

Pink kid shoes, Early 20th c, American (Boston), MFA Boston 53.1063

And purple ones:

Light purple suede shoes, Early 10th Century, American (Boston), MFA Boston, 53.1064

And green ones:

Green silk half-boots, 1818, MFA Boston

And blue ones:

Blue slippers, 1835-40, Met

And yellow ones:

Yellow silk brocade shoes, England or US, 1782-83, LACMA

And some that have a whole garden of colours:

Pumps lined with blue silk, Russia, 1890s, Met



  1. Adorable green boots! They remind me of Santa’s elves. It’s nice to read that it’s spring somewhere, what with all the early snows in the Mid-Atlanitc region.

  2. Carmen says

    Yo quiero para mi, los rosas y los malvas… Aunque me queden pequeños.

  3. You claim the purple shoes are from the 10th century. Given their uncanny similarity to the pink ones, I presume that is a typo. 😉
    I love that pair. No, wait, it’s two pairs – what do you call two pairs of shoes?

    • Oh no, that was specifically intended to illustrate the intriguing similarities between late-dark ages and early 20th century footwear! 😉

  4. Want these shoes, WANT!

    And so happy I discovered this blog. I am writing an historical romance and this is a fantastic resource. Wonderful work Dreamstress!


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