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A hoopskirt photoshoot – a few of my favourite shots

Every time my friend Theresa visits Wellington we dress up and do a photoshoot together.  She was in town this weekend, and one of the top things on her to-do wish-list was to take photos with me. I know that one of her lifelong dreams has been to wear a hoopskirt, and I’ve never actually worn my Greek Key ensemble, so massive crinolines was the theme for the day.  I wore my new engageantes and 1860s bonnet, and put Theresa in the 1850s Raspberry swirl dress, which she fit beautifully. We went first to the park where Madame O & I photographed the pet-en-l’aire ensemble, and then to the Massey Memorial, which is a much better photoshoot location at sunset than it is at high noon! Here are a few of my favourite images from the shoot: I particularly love these two because Theresa and I each took almost precisely the same image of each other: The light was just amazing as the sun set. Sadly, we didn’t have an artsy fashion student to photograph …

Greek key shoes – swoon

As we all know, I’m really into Greek keys. My current Greek key  obsession is these evening boots: *Swoon* I lurve them.  Everything about them.  The red heels.  The invisible side lacing.  The curlicues between the Greek key borders.  The way the Greek keys turn on the toes.  The stripe up the front.  Happiness. There is a stripe up the back too.  Happiness. It’s more of a platonic lurve from afar though.  Like the way you drool over a hot celebrity, but actually don’t want to meet them in person and would just blush and freak out and disappear yourself if they showed up in person and approached you. I like the idea of the shoes, but really, I couldn’t handle them in person.  It’s just too much shoe for me.  

Another Pompeii to Paris talk

As I have mentioned (numerous times) I had another go at the Pompeii to Paris talk on Thursday. It was a crazy day: sewing and dressing and transporting things across town and organising, and then, at the end of it, getting in invite to be a last minute guest speaker for another event. But that’s another story.  So here is Thursday’s story, in pictures. The dressing room was tiny, so the dressed models waited in the theater before the audience arrived: They chatted, and compared dresses, and posed for pictures, and goofed off, and did lots of fun stuff, all of which I missed, because I was busy being…busy. I was the last person dressed and made up, so missed all the fun.  I ran out just in time for the talk, but at least I got to admire all the beautiful models in their dresses as I talked. The models came out in chronological order. This time I had a power point to go with the talk, so it was wonderful to be able …