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Meat Dress

Lady Gaga’s recent attire may have made waves, but it’s not entirely unprecedented.  As part of my Halloweek celebration, let’s look at some other meat inspired clothes. This costume wins first prize any time.  The wearer was a bacon and ham aficionado.  Everyone needs a hobby. These bags (made for a weight loss advertisement) aren’t actually carry-able, but they sure are interesting! If neon green or checkered isn’t wild enough for you, you can have bacon printed keds: And for a more upscale look, Tokio Kumagai’s famous ‘eating shoes’ And this image is all over the internet, but, alas, I can’t find a source for it: There are also the more-than-slightly creepy ‘baby turkey carcass costumes’: So what do you think?  Fancy being a slab of dead animal for your Holiday?

It’s Halloweek!

As a costumer, Halloween is usually the highlight of the year – for once, you aren’t the only one dressed up! To celebrate, it’s Halloweek on the blog – everything will be about fancy dress, and costumes, and costume parties, and that sort of delicious fun. I love Halloween.  Or at least I used to.  It was great as a kid, when your costume was just about being fun, and clever.  It’s not so fun when you are an adult and your costume is expected to be sexy, and all the parties have more alcohol than candy.  And there isn’t much trick or treating in New Zealand. Trick or treating was fun and safe in the little community I grew up in – you knew all the people you visited, and all the other trick or treaters. Many years we didn’t go trick or treating – we had traditional Halloween parties with bobbing for apples and doughnuts on strings and caramel corn and skits and games.  So much fun!  Except for the one Halloween where …