1930s fancy dress for children: “So easy to make! Such fun to wear!”

I love early 20th century fancy dress for children. It’s so ridiculously cute, and occasionally completely un-PC.

I’m collecting photos and patterns and magazines related to it. Here are some images from my stash.

Awwwww! OK, not so much. You might have trouble wearing a lot of these costumes without getting teased or accused of being horribly insensitive.

The little Kate Greenaway frock is so cute!

The old lady! And the violet! And the garden path! Adorableness!

The one in the middle is a lavender sachet! How cute is that!

I want a kid just so I have an excuse to make the penguin costume! And the radish! When was the last time you saw a radish trick or treating!

Isn't Robin Hood charming? I love the bow on the black cat!

Great jester! And adorable 18th century gentleman! Try talking a little boy into wearing that today though...

The girl in the cap and gown is a co-ed! No-one would get it today!

So much cuteness - especially the powder puff, and Madame du Barry and her French Gentleman!

Kate Greenaway, Canterbury bells, Cornflowers and '19th century'. Sweet.

I'm trying to imagine a boy today 'liking' any of these, but I do!

What do you think? Are you going to inflict any of these on your kids? Did you wear anything particularly cute as a kid?


    • Alas, no nieces and nephews. And I have lots of adorable students that I teach virtues to on Sunday, but I can’t make them all costumes, and can’t show favoritism!

  1. The trick to getting a little boy to dress up as an 18th century gentleman is to do it before he has much of a sense of self, and be sure the costume is comfortable….

    I won’t dress Lila up for Halloween, but I keep thinking I’ll make her some costume for her birthday. She’d totally dig that.

  2. clive says

    Believe it or not, i did wear a costume very simialr indeed to the knave of hearts. I remember the red tights well! and looking at this i cant help wondering if this was the actual pattern

    I might even have a photo or two somewhere!

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