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Cat in a Hat(box)

I found a vintage leather hatbox at an opshop a few weeks ago.  I practically squealed with excitement.  Vintage hat boxes are rarer than hen’s teeth, and when you do find them, they are pricey – generally between $45 and $60.  This one?  $7!!!! I brought the hatbox home and set it down, and Felicity immediately became very excited and decided to investigate it. She was fascinated, but cautious.  She placed her feet ever so delicately inside it! It must have smelled of interesting things…other people’s houses, and journeys, and leather, and maybe even another pet. She finally climbed all the way in, and I tried to persuade her to pose. Maybe next time!  She decided it was fun to pretend that camera sounds were scary, and that was the end of my cat and hatbox photos session.