Cat in a Hat(box)

I found a vintage leather hatbox at an opshop a few weeks ago.  I practically squealed with excitement.  Vintage hat boxes are rarer than hen’s teeth, and when you do find them, they are pricey – generally between $45 and $60.  This one?  $7!!!!

I brought the hatbox home and set it down, and Felicity immediately became very excited and decided to investigate it.

Look at that gorgeous lining fabric!

She was fascinated, but cautious.  She placed her feet ever so delicately inside it!

The lid pocket needs to have the elastic replaced (what were lid pockets for anyway?)

It must have smelled of interesting things…other people’s houses, and journeys, and leather, and maybe even another pet.

Interesting smells

She finally climbed all the way in, and I tried to persuade her to pose.

A bit big for a hat, I think...

Maybe next time!  She decided it was fun to pretend that camera sounds were scary, and that was the end of my cat and hatbox photos session.


  1. Wow. Great find.
    Can I ask you something? Could you, please, please, make a post on how exactly are hat boxes supposed to work? The mechanics of the thing? How exactly it come that the hat is protected in a hat box?
    It’s always intrigued me, and I’ve never had a chance to lay my hands on one.

  2. Kathy P says

    My mom kept her coordinating gloves and any hat pins or brooches that she used with the hat in her elastic hatbox pockets.
    She also occasionally kept mad money in there, and brochures or programs from events to which the hat was worn.
    That is a lovely find.

  3. I think almost every time I go thrifting I see hatboxes, I had no idea they were rare. Fizzy’s so cute, duh.

    I wonder if my little pet would consider climbing in a hatbox??

    • Well, if they are so common in Oz I guess I had better finally get up the nerve to brave the spiders and snakes and make a trip over there!

  4. jackiead says

    Felicity is such a charming little cat. Over thirty years ago I too had a little calico cat who loved to sleep in a cardboard hat box I kept on a closet shelve. I think cats like to fit into tight round spaces so they can snuggle down.

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