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Hats and cats

Remember yesterday’s hat?  Well, Felicity got really excited when I made it.  There was something about the rough straw that she just couldn’t resist. See where that shot is going?  Yep…next minute she rolled off the chair and onto the floor, hat and all! She even wanted to sit on my lap and play with it while I sewed: And then, when I was finished, she consented to pose with it:

Trying my hand at hatmaking

I’ve always intended to try a bit of millinery, or at least hat alteration, so last week I finally took the plunge. I decided to start with something really simple, a 1872 summer hat from the Met’s collection: You can’t really get any simpler than that, right? I thought it would go nicely with the frills of my 1871 pink extravaganza afternoon ensemble. So I trotted off to an op shop and bought myself a decent straw hat.  It looked like this: Unfortunately I forgot to double-check my inspiration picture, so I got one with a wide braid instead of a narrow.  No matter, I could still make it work. First thing: take off that hideous raffia ribbon! Then I picked apart the braid at the bottom of the crown.  My inspiration hat has such a shallow crown that I could save the whole original brim and use it for another hat, and make the tiny brim of my inspiration hat from the bottom of the crown. Then I started sewing, turning my loose braid …