1. It’s fabulous!!!! I’d happily knock off an old and irritating aunt to get to wear it! 🙂

  2. sarah says

    I like it. Possibly not enough to fight Mrs C or Madame O for it, but I wouldn’t save it ‘specially for the funerals of people I didn’t like.

    • Elise says

      Hahahahahaha! And you are correct, on the right woman….

  3. I’ve always had a soft spot for heavily veiled mourning hats. This one isn’t so bad, but I wouldn’t fight anyone for it, either. Is it really all that fluffy compared to other hats of the era? I mean, the war would put a damper on such things, but it’s not SO over the top..?

  4. Yup, love it. But not loving the museum photographer who thought that a dark background was good for a black hat…

  5. I suspect it’s all in the way you wear it (rolling my eyes). Personally I like a larger brim and a lot more veil. Much better to hide the red swollen puffy eyes under. I think it’s a pity we can’t do that now without inviting attention rather than deflecting it. And bring back black armbands. So much easier than having to explain to hearty types that in fact someone did die and you aren’t about to be happy about it.

    • Madame Ornata says

      Oh yes big veil and big brims I completely concur.

  6. No, not my kind of hat… it’s weird how the plumage widens the upper part of the crown, see? 😀
    But then, I’m a minimalist. Or harmonist, or what was the handy term I came up with…

  7. Madame Ornata says

    Yes it is an uncommon shape, but I like the quirky Dr Seussy kind of look of it. Also everyone differs in what suits them, factoring in hair, face and body shapes etc. This could be just the thing for some quirky gal with a sense of humour who wanted to adhere to yet flout the unwritten rules of social conformity. They were pretty rigid then, mourning could last a long time. So if you are stuck wearing conservative and black you are very limited for expression so maybe this is a good way to do it.

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